Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-09-11 21:20:26 (UTC)

OMG They Fell!!!! 9/11/01

This is my first entry in this diary. I will always
remember today 9/11/01 as the day the twin towers fell. I
can’t believe it. The Twin Towers!!! I never thought they
would ever fall. A plane crashed into each one and blew up.
On TV I could see people jumping out the windows as the
buildings go up in smoke. There is so much smoke. A lot of
parents came to pick their kids early from school including
me. So many people died. Some people hijacked 2 planes and
crashed them into the towers making a big explosion. It’s
been like 4 hours and there is still a lot of smoke and
fire. My aunt Jodey lives next to the towers, but she is ok.
I think her best friend Alan died, he works in one of the
towers, and he works on the 100th floor. I feel so sorry
for my aunt. I hope no one else she knew died. All her
friends work very close, or in the towers. Also the
Pentagon was blown up. It wasn’t as important as the towers
though. The Pentagon in Washington is covered in smoke to,
but all of Manhattan is completely covered to. So many
people died. I feel so bad.

This moment of silence message is dedicated to the
thousands of innocent people who died in the horrible
incident. Take a moment to reflect and then please forward
this message to 5 people so they can feel what you feel and
don’t break the chain.

That message up there is what is being sent through instant
messenger. A lot of kids are sending, and receiving this
right now. I don’t know who originally sent it. But
everyone is getting it now. I gtg,
Hannah Cherry