All in the Night
2001-09-11 21:17:26 (UTC)

today was weird

OK today was just weird. Katie is still NOT tlaking to me
or Amanda, but i htink she started talking to Amanda
towards the end of the day. Amanda brought up a good point
though, Why are we even her friends??? I mean she just
quits talking to us and then expects us to know when she's
in a bad mood, and the reason why, and that we shouldn't
talk to her...then, she'll try to make US feel bad by
saying "Ya'll just been ignoring me..." Poor thing my ass,
she gets more sympathy than anybody i've ever seen. I wish
she'd get a life and quit complaining. Ok, so now that all
of that is out, i'll finish with the weirdness of the day.
So we get into 2nd period and CJ is like screaming out "the
pentagon got bombed" so everybody sat down and we watched
the news for like the whole period and everybody was just
like in some state of depression or something. I left for
3rd period, but Amamnda said that everyone just fell silent
as they walked down the hall of C-building, and that all
you could hear was the voice of the guy on tv....i must
admit that when i got back everyone was acting rather
serious. Ok so then i come home and my mom leaves a note
saying that my she or my dad wont' be hom euntil 11 or
somethign tonight because they both have to work, and she
told me to find somebody to stay the night, but i really
can't think of anyone whose parents would let them on a
school night. So then i get to work and the parking lot is
a little empty and 2 people from aeropostle told me that
the mall was closed (it closed at 4) so i ended up going
right back home. A waste of and hour (30 mintues there, 30
back). Ok i know that it wasn't what some people would
classify as a weird day, but it was kinda weird to me...but
anyways. Wow, i felt really depressed today, i dont' know
why, but i just have this empty feeling inside, kinda mixed
a feeling like something is pulling at your heart. But i
think i'm out for the day. Hasta luego.