Life In Munchkin Land
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2003-01-16 21:03:06 (UTC)


Umm...well today was normal...boring as usual...Nothing
really special happened...2morrow is gonna be good
though!!! SKANK FREEDOM!! anywayz..its all good in the
hood!(as tamara would say) Im seriously thinkin of
starting a fat camp because of the lack of energy REALLY
fat ppl are showing lately..Its wrong..People need to
learn how to get off their fat lazy asses and do
something!!!!! my gawd how can someone sit around that
long and do nothing..i dont get it...but yeah...We came up
with a new name for a girl at school..shes offically the
new teletubbie..Chubbie Tubbie..Shes gonna be the blue one
who molestests the purple one...since on some days she
looks like the purple one or better known as Barney the
Dinasour...Aint we nice..but hey what do u expect from
really bored teenagers with no lives...hmmm????
Anyways..........I had fun last night...Night in shik with
my buddy..hes so awesome and smells freakin great! *Smell
me* Haha...Yeah so Joans here tonight..and walks in my
room jumps on my bed and procceds to almost fall off my
bed...What a ditz..J/K shes all cool...Especailly
lately..lol...us and our men problems...does the name ALEX
ring a bell lol...We seem to not be able to get away from
that name..but oh well its all goooooooooooood! well im
done now cuz ya know i have stuff to do..lol..yeah right!
Me do something...Oh man i sound like one of those fat
lazy ppl who needs fat camp!
..:: Dani ::..