my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-01-16 20:44:10 (UTC)


ok so yeah today was liek one of the best day i have had
in a really long time. i got up and was in kinda a bad
mood but i got rid of it when i got to school well kinda
but i dont need to talk abotu that b/c everything is good
now. ok so i wen to art same bull shit nothing to
exciting. then to english daves band has a new cd out
andi wanted to buy it but i didnt have $3 three dollers
so..... yeah then i went to lunch i got hooked up so much
food it was awsome and cheese fries they are the best
yummy... then off to art again goose made a witch and a
cat for the top of my box and yeah it looks fucking awsome.
then i went to ummmmm oh yeah me and liz said that we
needed to go to the counsling center to talk about
our "problems" yeah right i dont talk about them..... but
then we decided to go up to mr.d's room and liz finnished
my hair. kayla was in there and it was kinda weired but it
was fine the were eating there dinner thing that they made
and it looked soo good but we couldent have any. then i
left and got on the bus jason tied my hair in like a
million nots and yeah it was funny but now i am getting
ready to leave i will be back around 9-9:30 l8ter im out
listing to:ummmmm yeah

ok so yeah i just go homw like 30 min ago and yeah it is finally
over. i hope...... he was asking me how everything was going and i
was like good and it was not kewl at all. but what ever. i need to
go to sleep b.c i am now exausted...... oh and i got taco bell
today. wohoooo!!!!!! it was great! now no one is on to talk to and i
feel alone but what ever. my hair is kinda frizzing out but oh well
it still looks bad ass. i dont kniw i am in a wiered mood........
got i spell that word diff every time i write it!!!!!!! ok i am
going to bed.

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