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2001-09-11 21:01:58 (UTC)

Brand New Day. (it's times like this I wish I was a religious man)

Dear Bobby,

This has been a most peculiar day. I went to bed last
night around 4:30am, and woke up around 9:00am to the sound
of my cell phone alarm telling me that it was time to go to
class. I was so tired that I decided to hit the snooze and
go back to bed. Little did I know of the terror that was
currently underway. When I woke up, around 12pm mind you,
all I could think of was how I was going to explain to my
teacher why I missed class and if I could still get credit
for the poem I had written. So I turn on the TV to relax
when what am I introduced to..Both of the world trade
centers collapsing! I started to hyperventilate. From the
video that was being shown on TV it looked as though all of
NYC had been anhiliated.

My first reaction was to get online to see if it was
actually true. After all doubts were confirmed, I
proceeded to phase two, call Bryant. I figured if there
was anyone I could convey my horror to it would be bryant.
But naturally, Bryant was going crazy just as I was. So I
told him I'd call him back later.

After watching the horror on TV, i couldn't take it anymore
so I turned it off and headed to Gab's. The one thing I
needed was to be around people, because you don't really
know what's going on until you're around people who've
experianced it themselves. At Gab's we watched the news
somemore until we decided it best to get something to eat.
We joked around a bit which, although to some may seem
insensitive, is I BELIEVE the best way I can think of to
channel grief. The strangest thing about this was looking
up into the sky and not seeing any planes. Something about
having planes in the sky seemed so comforting to me. Now I
realize why.

As dispicable as todays autrocities where, it does take
pain to recognize pleasure. And I feel almost reborn. I'm
not angry, I don't want to blow up some distant third world
country, and I DON'T want to criticize people's actions.
The best thing to do is to not let it bother you. If you
let it, then they've won. That's their goal is to get
under the american peoples skin and distrupt our daily
lives. So do yourself a favor, go outside today, play in
the sun, throw the ball around, go to the market, don't do
ANYTHING differently. That'll show em.

God bless.

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