the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
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2001-09-11 20:54:55 (UTC)

Ick yuck ick

mood - horrible
music - none, watchin the news (CNN UK)

ugh. hope any1 from the usa that is readin this is ok and
that ur families r ok. why the hell wud those sicko
palastinian...dont wanna say the words...kill thousands,
and i mean thousands, like, 60,000 ppl, just to piss the
government off? for gods sake, its f*cking disgusting, and
u know the worst bit...i am watchin the news, a video, a
video of a villge in arabia, full of palastinians,
dancing...yes...DANCING in the STREET because they are
ECSTATICALLY HAPPY about whats happend...i feel pyshically
sick. I have family in america, that live near to
pennsylivaia, and even though they are ok im sure, the fact
is, they could have been klled. They arent even american,
theyre english. It's...i cant even think of th words.
just disgustiong sick ugly horribe tragedy bad scary evil
sick... the list goes on.

im gonan go now b4 i get 2 pissed off.


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