Anything But Ordinary
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2003-01-16 18:31:31 (UTC)

Copy cat

well, after reading Kelly and Jimmy and Laura CAtalino's
journals at least once or twice, I figured I thought I
might give this a good ole college try. I liked Kelly's
livejournal.com....but it cost money to use it. and since
I don't even know if this is something I'll stick

So yeah, I'm being a copycat. But I don't really want to
let anyone know I'm doing this quite yet until I know I can
write in here pretty faithfully. And journals are supposed
to be for yourself, right? I do have my prayer journal,
but lately it's becoming more about journalling and less
about prayer. So maybe I can just get al this out of my
system so when I can pray, it won't be all muddled in the
boring things of the day.


So I decided not to do my richard simmons tape today. It's
too cold out. even though I know I'd be doing it inside.
It's funny when that when it's really cold outside people
always make excuses why they can't do something. It's like
Greta "I cahn't sing, my finger hurts." Kinda like that.

I have to go to choir in a few. The joys of choir have
almost run dry. Who cares about Romeo and Juliet? eh...
And where have all the boys gone?! Nothing to look forward
to! Actually I think last january right around this time I
was head over heels for Dan...who's not in choir...so
really I wasn't focusing any attention on guys in choir
then anyway. Until Jon. ugg, I get so frusterated
whenever I think about him. But I'm sure future journals
will give an idea of it some other day soon, so I won't
write total detail about it. Just picture Avril
Lavigne's "Complicated" and that about sums er up. So
we'll see if he totally ignores me in choir again today...

I've just wanted to be better friends with him since we've
broken up...that's all I want. And he's all acting like
he's my best friend when we talk online, but in choir he
has other people who are more important to even say hello
to. So I email him last week saying I want to hang out
just to be better friends, and he doesn't even reply back!
I'd rather hear him say, "no I don't want to be better
firends with you" than just be totally ignored. Friendship
is supposed to go both ways. He talks to me online and
tells me all these vivid details about his life...and I
listen and I'm there for him. I just don't get much in
return. Ugg... I can keep going but I won't.

So on that totally negative note, I'm going to get ready
for choir