CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-09-11 20:48:03 (UTC)

ThE wOrLd aS wE LiVe iT!!

After my 2nd hour class in 3rd hour my teacher turned on the news and
there was that big huge thing with them bombing us!What is our world
coming 2?!?! I mean with all these stupid nasty people?!? Do they get
the pleaser of that fact the crashed 2 buildings and killed like
Millions of people!?!?I just dont know what to think really! Its soo
creepy how we just got all bombed and might have a war over
whatever... All them people running around and everything
and the fact that Kansas City schools are getting out of it
when its clear over in New York and what not. I mean there
is always a possibility that we could get hit i guess....
But not likely! Its actually very sad and depressing! I think. I'm
not gunna pray for the people that died what their to pray for but I
feel really bad that it happened and I'm sorry they did die. But I
know no one would probally pray for me if I died so ...I'm not
praying for them. But people really are so sick! They really should
go to Hell though! Well I called Ross back and he still didn't
talk really at all....And since he wasnt I was like I hafta
go. And he was like why!?!? uuuhhh because I want to but I
just said because I'm tired and I wanna go to bed and hes
like no so I didn't get off the phone till 10 or so...I
dunno??.... And my dad said that I am on;y grounded for a
week now because I had suck a good attitude probally
because I was fuckin stoned out of my mind and I was this
happy go luck person and when I called home from Nathans
house and asked her if my mom was here she was like no and
I was like ok thank you. Then when I hung up I was like why
the fuck did I say thank you?!?! I never say that! And
everyone was just laughin and when someone asked me any
form of a question I would talk about it non stop for like 10
mins...It was crazy and Krista and Nathan are going out
now! I think she really likes him but then again. She is
still going out with Josh the guy from work....she needs to
break up with him first off! I dunno though I think that I
wanna go to Homecoming with Mark I kinda like him but not
really he needs a date though because he promised Bill if
he went with Sara he would go he has to find
someone..I think if he gets on-line later I'm gunna talk 2
him about it.. I dunno?!?! Life is so confusing!!! I'm
gunna go though and try to call Shelby and everything hes
been grounded for like a week since I've been trying to
call there and I cant ever talk to him! I'm really I dunno I guess
I'm gunna go later!!!!

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