Finally! a diary i dont have to hide!
2001-09-11 20:44:44 (UTC)

heh, thanx alot cj!

well, today is my first day writing in this thing. i
stole the idea from cj. i hope he dont mind. i just need
something to do while im waisting my pointless little life
on the internet. it seemed like a good idea, becuz
everytime i try to write a diary and hide, it always gets
found and i get in trouble after its read. so ha brandy!
ok, i guess i will tell you about my day today. well this
morning everything was just fine, until 2nd period when the
whole world was shown just how cruel and evil people can
be. i will pray for all those innocent people who lost
their lives. i will also pray for those who lost loved ones
and friends. i have to admit that i am a lil scared for us
well on a brighter note, the panic seemed to settle
somewhat at lunchtime, and i met cj in the library. hes a
great guy, hes so funny too! im not always sure what to
say to him, i just try not to act like too much of a dork.
after lunch, it was the same old boring class, parenting
and child developement! yay. i HATE that class, the teacher
is way too happy, it scares me, and shes one of them people
who thinks she is always right and on a power trip! whats
up w/ that anyways? shes only 22, i think i could take her.
in last period i was routinely harrased by michael
morton,grrrrr, and we watched the news. that was my boring
day! ill try to shorten it up next time k?

see ya,