No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-01-16 17:43:41 (UTC)

so far.....

hey! how are you guys? I am still fantastic :D
I'm in 4th teacher isn't here so our options
are playing on the computer or reading and looking at
books...hmmm...I wonder. lol.
My day has been alright...I really haven't been up to much.
First period was alright...I really wanted out...still
kinda mad about that one...second was ok. Had a 300 point
test out of no where. But, I know my group and I did well.
Third period we drew atoms. Nothing really hard at all.
Then, I came here. The Library. dum dum dum! lol. I'm sorry
for all the happiness and stuff. I've been excited lately.
Well, my sister is dumb. No offense...but she is. he he.
*sigh* :D
Jess, have fun tonight ;)
I'm gunna go. Later.