Poetry of the Vampyress
2001-09-11 20:36:24 (UTC)

A Good World Entering Bad

Beyond the sight, the horizon is full of smoke,
news plays over and over the events
By my word, the world is entering a war
Against something they don't know...

Help us, Clean our souls
we hurt ourselves in a condensing fool

People, i see, shirts from me
helping the bleeding, dieing
i held my hand to my head
and hoped they all weren't dead

Help us, Clean our souls
Devestated, mocking holes

Why do we kill ??
What good does it do ??
By that word, don't help me
That one needs it more...

More.. than me...

What is wrong with this,
the smoke isn't gone,
Crashing noises, exposions...

Is the good world we live in...
actually entering bad?