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2001-09-11 20:33:18 (UTC)

Thoughts about the whole tragedy

Honestly, I'm almost speechless about the whole thing. Who
would be psychotic enough to have had all those planes
hijacked and crashed into the buildings in the States. So
many poor people dead. Innocent people! People who didn't
even have a chance. Watching the news today my stomach was
almost sick. Watching the twin towers collapse was so
terrible. You know, I really don't have too many words for
this. It's all too sad. I feel so badly for the families of
the people who died and I'm almost in tears again thinking
of it. That and I have no idea where S is. I know he's
eventually on his way back to LA but I'm not sure when. The
thought scares the bloody hell out of me considering the
fact that the majority of the planes that were hijacked and
crashed were en route to LA. Ok, and you wanna know what
else that bothers me? The whole fact that this one
Palestinian group started partying and dancing in the
streets when they heard the U.S. was bombed. How inhumane is
that?! Those people have to be sick sick sick to cheer when
thousands upon thousands of people were just brutally
killed... murdered. That's what this is MURDER! K, I'm so
upset now. I have to end this.

Current mood: horribly depressed and upset and ANGRY!!!
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