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2003-01-16 15:46:55 (UTC)

January 6, 2003 - Cleaning Day...

We'll, today was just a cleaning day for me. I cleaned
everything from the blinds, to the entertainment center,
etc..EVERYTHING! I keep a very spotless house by the way!!!
lol...I am one of those neat freaks I guess you would call Stephen and I didnt fight today, PRAISE THE
LORD! Amen and Amen...God Bless,

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet
[email protected]

P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

P.S. I am leaving my email address, and postal address
above, so if anyone would like to send me letters or
comments about my diary, or even send money to support me
in my ministry for the Lord, please feel free to do so.
Thankyou and God Bless You All!