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2003-01-16 15:41:19 (UTC)

January 5, 2003 - Husband being nice today

We'll today was a pretty good day. We left Stephen's
mammaw's house at about 10:30 AM this morning. We stopped
by Wal-Mart and guess what we $28.00 guitar I God! LOL>>> Stephen was not very
happy about doing it though and he was mad and silent for
about 45 min. afterwards, til we got to Nanny's house to
pick up Ashlyn. But then he became nicer a little at a
time, til he finally started being nice again. We'll, we
got home, checked the mail and guess what was in
there...$20.00, it was from a sweet woman off the internet
that I sent an email to, that I sent a plead out to for
money because my husband left us here for 2 wks. without
any money...and by the way, this happens ALL THE TIME! She
was sweet enough to send that $20.00 and guess what I did
with it, I gave it to my husband, to pay him back for the
guitar. So, here we are today, we sat down and we
watched "Saving Private Ryan", the movie, and we have'nt
fought all day. Thats about all thats happened in my day
today. The kids are going back to school tomarrow, off
their vacation. Stephen has to get up very early, so he's
in the bed already, and its exactly 10:44 PM right now.
He's got to go to Sulpher in the morning to court, for some
traffic ticket. And me and Jonathan are here, also fixing
to go to sleep. (Thats our son, he sleeps with his Thankyou Father for this wonderful day! I
praise you , in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, our
Lord and Savior...AMEN! Good night everyone...I love you
all. You know, I like this idea here of putting my diary
online because it makes me feel better to get these things
off my chest to other people. Amen and goodnight...God
Bless You all,

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet