Life as I know it.
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2001-09-11 19:50:13 (UTC)


...that's all I can say about the tragedy today. It's,
well, surreal. Humbles a person. Makes all my little
insignificant problems just go away. I was in class when
basically the whole University of Pittsburgh was told to
evacuate, i was in the Cathedral of Learning when the
announcement came thru on the loud speakers...I didnt know
what was going on, i was on campus since 8:30am oblivious
to life. So i go outside (I just thought the Cathedral was
being evacuated) and see soooooo many students so I figured
something big was going on here. So i talk to this one guy
and i was like "whats going on" and then he told me about
the planes, the UN, the pentagon, and eerily the crash
right outside of Pittsburgh. I came home, my mom calls me
crying begging me to come home. I stayed here, for many
reasons: 1. It's Pittsburgh, wow, there is nothing here.
and 2. The traffic was horrible. So i just laid in my
bed, and I started crying, and I mean really crying. The
thoughts of people jumping to their deaths from the top of
the twin towers in NYC rather than being dead to a horrible
explosion, the innocent people on planes going maybe to see
some friends and relatives dying due to some fucking
asshole who is on too much of a power trip, the fact that
this day is going to be in the history books forever, and
cause im scared. I have a horrible feeling that we are
entering the early stages of WWIII. I have friends down in
DC and NYC, i got a hold of all of them except one, he
works in the state department, and I pray he is alright, i
need to know that he is okay. ALan called me from Boston
today to make sure I was okay. I told him basically what i
wrote in here, im not sure if im really okay, cause i know
the full impact of this situation has not registered yet.
But its nice he called, I was going to call him to make
sure he was okay because he is in Boston, which would be a
bigger target than Pittsburgh. But I dont know, if this
turns into a war i swear im moving to freaking Wisconsin
cow land to not be anywhere near a huge city.