baby pink
2003-01-16 15:24:15 (UTC)

* - * WhY mUsT wE W8 * - *

im bored as shit.... im at college the now bored as fuck..
prepare for the swearin ive swore twice already soz mum ...
Well any way ive got an hour to spare, cant find any one
meant to be learninng my lines or going home.... but there
is a casting director cumin so we have to wait round till
half four..... its only 20 past three.... i cant even call
ma wuv toz hes not in yet :( toz he would make me happy
again ... he knows how ;) lol well he does..... so i guess
i have to wait round here prob for no reason toz im prop 2
young but u never no ehhhhhhhh ... ill give it a go

XxX BaBy PiNk xXx