2001-09-11 19:47:50 (UTC)

Dreamscape-America Under Terrorist Attack

See entry 2001/09/09

In the CNN news footage I see the same wrought iron black lamp poles,
with the rubble crashing behind them in a smoky haze.


Since this is the 1st dreamscape u have recorded, for future
references, bare in mind these notes for recording the dreamscape:

Don't make inferences while describing dream: inferred European city
because u r more familiar with Euro cities and their look even though
the attendent spoke 2 u in english, and the cafe people all spoke
english, which u noticed in dreamscape but failed 2 mention.: U
considered Northern or Canadian city, but did not mention=if u have
specific ideas toss them around carefully but do not get caught upin

Be specific in descriptions: you described rounded streets, similar
to Amsterdam, which should have included angular;when describing
walking around lost, u clearly passed v shaped streets/intersections
which r highly irregular and unusual anywhere
Don't overlook any spoken words-attendant mentioned something about
what we were wiping with:paper, and its disposibility

In past dreamscapes involving verbalized words, the words have always
been duplicates, not metaphorical as actions,activities, etc seem to
be. Duplicate means the exact spoken words when dreamscapes come to
life, for example, Vieux du Cernay Dreamscape, "I can't find my shoes"

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