The crazy world of me
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2003-01-16 13:14:12 (UTC)

That took forever

Yeah I am so dumb I can't believe that I deleted all of
those. O'well I am over it now I guess. So yeah Ricky
came over last night and we were suppose to watch a movie
but Sherry took it in her room and said if we were going to
watch it that we had to watch it in there and we didn't
want to do that. So we ended up some how in my basement.
Abd well things happened. Aaron called when he was here
and I wasn't paying any attention to the phone so when I
called him back I think he was kind of upset because he
knew Ricky was here.
He told me that I need to stop messing with Rciky because
in the end I am going to end up feeling hurt or something.
Which is very possible but I am not really thinking about
that when we get all in the mix of things. I don't know
though. Aaron is probably right but I guess we will just
have to see. What do you guys think?
All I really want to do is stop liking Ricky and move on
because he has I guess so I should too. I was hoping we
wouldn't have school today but we do which sucks because I
am hella tired. But I am going to go bye people!

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