The crazy world of me
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2003-01-16 13:03:03 (UTC)

2003-01-12 05:45:06

2003-01-12 05:45:06
Yeah so I decided that tonight I was just going to chill
at home and read my book because I didn't really feel like
going out and I want to finish this book. Well Joni called
me to see what I was up to and stuff and I told her thats
what I was going to do and she was like yeah you will
probably end up at Ricky's house. To bad thats what she
really thinks for the fact that I haven't even talked to
the kid since either Thursday or Friday but anyway. The
point is I don't have to want to spend all my free time
with her and I just need my space sometimes or whatever.
So pretty much all night I have been sitting her watching
TV and reading. Man I really like that song life styles of
the rich and famous. It is tight and stuff.
Like I was saying the other day Aaron and all the guys
didn't get to come out which sucks big time because I
really wanted to see Mikey. Don't get me wrong I wanted to
see all of them but I think Mike the most. I have liked
that kid for so long but I just never wanted to admit it.
I think thats because they always talk about how Mikey gets
all the girls and I don't want to be the typical girl.
I like him though more than just his looks. I really do
like the kids personality. Him and Aaron have like the
same but I just don't like Aaron in that kind of way but I
do love his personality and if I didn't think of him as
like family to me then I would probably be attracted to him
but I'm not. So from what Aaron told me Mike likes me too
but that was a while ago and he told me that he is not sure
if he likes me anymore because he found out about me liking
Ricky and was like okay I can't like her becuase he didn't
want it to be a whole new thing like he has with this girl
Kim who needs to be hit a bunch of times for treating him
the way she does.
So since Ricky was the only one in my mind at the time I
didn't really think about liking Mike to much but now that
I am not really thinking about him Mike is all I have been
thinking about lately. Well at least I know he loves my
personallity and stuff. He told me he was really pissed
they couldn't come out because he really wanted to see me.
Plus it was his idea to come out so maybe that means
something I don't know. I just dont want to like this kid
if I end up with nothing in the end again. Well I am going
to make like a fetus and head out I guess. Bye people

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