The crazy world of me
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2003-01-16 13:02:18 (UTC)

2003-01-11 06:12:17

2003-01-11 06:12:17
Yeah so Aaron and all those people were suppose to come
out tonight well it end up that they didn't because Mikey
had something wrong with his car or something like that.
So Joni was really upset about something so we just went
and drove around and ended up getting lost until me the
genius found the way home. It was kind of boring but hey
at least I had some time to think because she made me drive
because she didn't want to. All in all the night wasn't to
bad but was kind of boring. I ran up next to this kid and
acted like I was going to hit him it was so funny. Sorry
this is so short but I am really tired so I am going to
go. Bye all

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