The crazy world of me
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2003-01-16 13:01:40 (UTC)

2003-01-10 04:57:04

2003-01-10 04:57:04
This one might be kind of short for you guys but I
figured I would write anyway. So Ricky came over tonight
because I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie because
well really I needed sometime away from Joni because for
like the past month we have been together like all day and
night and I just needed a break. So while he was here we
were just chillin on my couch or whatever and I really
thought I wanted to do more with him but I didn't so its
okay guys.
So once he was gone I like right away called Aaron
because those guys were supposed to come out tomorrow again
which is exciting but yeah so we were talking and I
realized that I was glad I didn't mess with the kid because
I didn't really want to at that point in life. Plus I am
starting to
like that all I really want is to be friends with him if
else. I said I fealt this way before and I did but not as
much as I
do now. Now when I say it I mean it every time and not
just every
once in blue moon. I like being friends with the kid and I
mind keeping him around so I don't want to screw that up by
me having
feelings or what not.
So yeah thats pretty much all thats going on here just
chillin and stuff. I can't wait for Aaron and them to come
out tomorrow because most of the people coming with him
like Mikey, Roni, Jason and Billy I haven't seen in a long
time. There are some other boys coming out too but I have
talked to them and stuff so its not as big as a deal.
Well I figured I would keep you guys updated so nobody
would worry or anything. Oh you should see my leg its
healing really good but it itched so bad. Talk to you kid
later I am going to get some sleep tonight.