The crazy world of me
2003-01-16 12:54:34 (UTC)

2003-01-01 07:56:24

2003-01-01 07:56:24
Yeah so today I was made to pick between friends and I
hated it. I am not one who likes to choose things because
I don't want to hurt anyones feelings. So tonight my
friend Joni wanted me to go with her to this kid Lukes
house and we were going to hang there for a while but I
didn't want to go because it was going to be really dumb
boring and I wanted to have fun. Then There is my friend
Mary that wanted me to come over but she knew I wasn't
going to so that wasn't a big deal. The big deal of it was
Ricky. He asked me if I wanted to come over and chill like
two weeks ago and I told him we'll see. So I ended up
calling Joni up and telling her I think I am just going to
stay and chill here for a while with these people because
my sister had friends over. So thats exactly what I did.
I stayed here for a while and chilled with my sister and
her friends but when Ricky called and asked me if I was
coming over I went over there. I think that she is going
to be mad at me and say I lied but really I didn't because
I didn't say I was going to be home all night. I never
wanted to her feelings thats why I wasn't like I don't want
to hang out with you tonight. I hate having to choose
between her and Ricky because I always want to choose him;
I always get to hang out with Joni but I never really get
to hang out with him much. And I would like to as much as
I can because after this year he graduates and I think that
he is going away. I have become a little attached to him
and I hate it. I have no actual title with him what so
ever and it drives me crazy. I never know what to
think with the kid. I hate not knowing what the next day
is going to be like or anything because it is always
changing. Well I am going to go for now. Bye

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