Catie*s Diary
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2003-01-16 10:13:21 (UTC)

Wed Jan 15, 2003

I talked to Casey and Beth before they went to school today cause I was still up.
Last night (middle of the night) I finished my goverment course for james
madison. It was nice finishing it after only 2 days. Then I finally fell a sleep. Then
my dad called and woke me up at 4:30. After that I didnt really do that much
except for chill. Then around 11 Jen called me telling me Sky gave her some weed
and she asked if I wanted to smoke it. So we went and parked in my apartments
and smoked 3 bowls. I was really high. I got the munchies and I havent gotten
those in a long time. Then we went in my house and ate popcorn and I flipped
cause I couldnt find my glasses. It turns out they were in Jen's car the whole time
with my cell phone! I'm soo dizty. I pigged out tonight and I feel like crap but owell,
i'm about to go to bed. Night

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