who knows
2003-01-16 09:54:13 (UTC)

my shitty life

ok so this is my first entry, and i have so much to say.
lets start off by saying i broke up with my boyfriend about
a week ago. hes taking it pretty hard, as well as damaging
a few of my things. i knew that would happen. throwing my
computer on the floor stealing some bits and pieces. real
immature behavior. but i still feel bad i cant bring
myself to be an asshole to him even if i want to. anyways
he calls me at 2:30 this morning and tell me hes totaled
the car. which means that he was drunk. i tried to
explain to him that he shouldn't drive drunk, because i've
made that mistake once, but he wasn't really listening.
then he kept talking about killing himself. which sounded
pretty believeable. his father killed himself when he was
just a kid, so i wouldn't put it past him. now of course i
fell like a huge shithead because i'm the one bringin him
all this pain. hes done so much shit to me in the past 8
years that i just couldn't take it anymore, ya know. ya
its hard but it needed to be done, because you know when
your not going to spend yhe rest of your life with someone.
right. ya well theres so much more i have to say but work
is a calling.