Catie*s Diary
2003-01-16 09:42:11 (UTC)

Friday, Jan 10,2003

Joe came over today and he took to my old school so I could get some papers. Then
we went to Danny's and it was crazy cause Nichole was there and I wasnt
expecting her there. But i'm glad she was there cause that made me more
comftrable. At Danny's all we really did was smoke and watch all the guys play
video games, it was pretty boring. Then Jen came over but me and Nichole had to
leave cause Danny, Joe, Jason, and Joseph were going to go out to eat w/Lynzi C.
Jen was kinda mad she was just taking us to my house so she left while me
and Nichole were taking showers. Then after that I thought I was gonna go
shopping with my dad but he never came and Nichole already left with Bryan so
Jen came and got me so we went over to Laura and Rodneys. We smoked. Then Jen
went and got Sky and we smoked alot more. Then Jen took me and Nichole to my
house cause Jen wanted to stay the night with Sky. After that me and Nichole just
ate and watched some movie ,I forgot what. Then we fell asleep.

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