2003-01-16 08:39:29 (UTC)


I suddenly seem so smitten with the TV series 'The
Bachelorette". Dang that woman has to choose from 25 darn
good looking guys?. WOW!!. I looked at them and told
(Well, except for that Cowboy - BROOK, which I actually
didn't take a liking to. He had this very sarcastic look
to himself and seemed so sure of himself. Not good!!.

Oh well...I still haven't made that move to go to the Gym.
Finally enrolled myself at the Powerhouse Gym and am still
yet to go. Must make this effort to go tomorrow...YEAH!.
(We'll see bout that).

Anywayz, I thought seriously about trying to change my
life for the better. Well, I actually tried. Joined this
online worship group started by an ex-school mate of mine
in Sydney. I was so surprised that she is a changed
person. Very out of my league type of person. She was one
of the popular ones in school and kept well out of my way,
but I was so surprised that she included me in her online
worship group. Amazing!. Not that I care...but hey maybe
this is a way for me to kinda take a closer look at where
my life is heading and make a change for the better?.

Life is so funny. I have to learn to constantly show
people I am friends with that I actually appreciate them.
I thought this was a thing I should do because in the
instant that they die or I die, at least each of us knew
that the other cared..right?. I think its a cool thing to
do. A girl I knew from back at home jumped to her death
from a 12 storey high building. She was 30 years old. A
young mother of two kids. She committed suicide because of
marital problems. Very beautiful girl and I thought...what
a pity, she's wasted her life. I couldn't help but think
to myself why people would kill themselves for the love of
another person?. Life is beautiful!! This young lady
could've been a model in her own rights..thats how
beautiful she is, yet she chose to kill herself and jumped
down from that building landing on concrete steps
below...her body parts splattering all over the place.
Why???. She had the rest of her lives ahead of her...she
had 2 beautiful kids..yet she chose death over sadness. I
felt she wasn't strong enough to fight the frustrations.
And I feel so sad for her..even if I didn't know her that
well. May she rest in peace!. I would never wanna do what
she did however. If my husband played me, I'd dump him and
go on with my life.

My life goes on. Everyday has its share of dissapointments
and frustrations as well as very beautiful tranquil
moments. Thats how life is I suppose. I love life....I
love the fact that I am still alive and spending time with
people I love. I think God lives and the greatest gift he
could've ever given us is the gift of life. Its late
now...I gotta go to bed. But yeah...Life goes all
take care and remember..appreciate those you love..I know
I do. Toodles :-).

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