Freedoms Asylum
2001-09-11 18:13:12 (UTC)

Still hasn't settled

1:55 p.m.
The bombing of the Twin Towers

I just got home less than an hour ago. Went to
orientation and that went well, bla bla ( considering
everything going on right now that doesn't really matter so
much) So I get out and head for the train station. I see a
crowd of people at the top of the stairs looking down and
think to myself "fuck man, i just wanna get home,without
having to see some scene." So I keep walking and see that
one set of stairs was roped off, but I decide to keep
going. When I got down into the subway ( I was on 34th
street near Madison Square Garden) everyone was saying, the
trains are all closed, the mayor shut the city down. Being
in a rush to go home I didn't even ask why, I figured it
was some temporary bullshit so I decided to walk all the
way to the 59th street bridge and cross it on foot.

About 15 blocks down I called a friend I was supposed
to meet with today and she said "you didn't hear what
happened? The twin towers were bombed" I let her go cuz
there were mad people waiting to use the payphone. It all
started coming together. Every block I passed, there were
people waiting in lines for the phone, there was not ONE
payphone unattended.

When I reached the bridge it was amidst a parade of
what must have been nearly a thousand, if not more. I
remember walking past someone who was telling her
friend "this is history right now, all this is history"

So now I'm home and the t.v. is on and the phone keeps
ringing every once in a while with people making sure that
I wasn't near the bombing and friends waiting for word from
friends of theirs that work at the world tradecenter. And
yet it hasn't sunk in. The twin towers, hit by planes,
explosion, gone.. no more. The pentagon attacked.. And
another plane hijacked.. Shit.

I'm gonna go find out more facts I just needed to get
all this down.

For now, I leave u with a word that I mean now more than
ever, with insistance not just suggestion...