Place To Vent
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2003-01-16 06:59:14 (UTC)

First Day

It's about 10:48pm on this lovely January night and I'm
online thinkin about how a certain somebody got into a car
accident. Why I'm laughing...I have no idea. =) LoL. He
knows I love him. Anyway, I also realized that I'm more in
like with somebody than i thought. It kinda sucks though.
This guy would never ever EVER like me...I mean NEVER! And
for some reason, it bothers me - A LOT. Awww what's wrong
with me? LoL. Am I to PSYCHO? That guy at Wetzel's Pretzels
probably thinks I'm psyhco since he caught me staring at
him. But how could I not?? He had gorgeous eyes and nice
skin. Oh ya baby. MMM! Well, I guess I've got a teeny tiny
crush...but that's okay. I will find a man one of these
days and he will satisfy me in every way possible. Yes,
yes...I think I deserve it...right? Let's see...what else
is there? Ummm - I'm a little frustrated that I can't find
a date for prom. Yes it's 4 months away but still, there
will be no guy left very soon. I just wanna be loved,
hugged, and kissed. Did NOBODY see my shirt today? It said
Kiss Me!! Only ONE guy asked if he should and I said no cuz
he smelled like cigarettes. LoL! Damn, shoulda just taken
it! Alrighty, time for this girl to go to bed. Nite Nite! I
love y'all!