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2001-09-11 17:36:54 (UTC)

America's Greatest Tragedy and my thoughts...

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper.
-T. S. Eliot-

Today the only true American Tragedy I can remember aside
from Oklahoma, has occured. Two passanger planes, hijaked
by terrorists crashed into the World Trade Center's, Twin
Towers, destroying them, completely. The towers crumpled
into the ground. The pentagon was hit by another hijaked
passanger plane and was penetrated to its innermost layer.
A plane crashed into a military base in Pittsburg, and as I
write this another plane is headed for LA.
I am in shock. I cannot truly comprehend the mass
destruction that has happened all within four hours. Mass
numbers of people are dead. Innocents are lost. I want to
cry for the hundreds, if not thousand that will never go
Construction workers in NYC, who were buldin a Toys R Us
of all things, hung giant signs from their steel girders.
They read. "Pray for Families and Children," and "God Bless
God bless us indeed. I don't think any rational mind can
comprehend what has happened. I just heard what George W.
Bush said about all this. "Freedom has been attacked,
today. But Freedom will be defended." You can criticize him
all you want, and make fun of his "stupidity," but I
believe that GW is an honest, and good man. We will hunt
down and punnish the cowards who did this. I want to thank
him for saying such inspiring words.
America is being tested, he also said, and we will pass. I
pray so. I pray that the bastards responsible for this mass
destruction will be found, caught and killed. I am no fan
of capitol punnishment, but those sons of bitches deserve
the worst death possible.
I can only think of the families that will never again be
whole. The fathers who will never come home. The children
who will never grow up. The mothers who will never watch
their children grow up. How can any human being commit such
an act against others? I think of my own family too, and I
thank God that we were not involved.
I am scared, and it takes a lot to scare me. But I admit I
am terrified as to what will happen next. Who is the next
target? Why? Why is there another target? Why is there a
first target? I know people in New Jersey, in Boston.
Should I be scared that I will never see me again? Why?
People jumped from the top of the 110 story Tower. 110
stories. There is no chance of survival from a fall like
that. How scared must a person be to make such a leap?
I just heard a story of a man who ducked behind a truck to
avoid the destruction. He opened his eyes and was assaulted
by night. Dust burned into his eyes, and he stumbled around
looking for an escape. A boy dragged him into a church
where he tried to wash his eye out with Holy Water so he
could see again.
God bless America. Please, if there is a God, bless and
save America. I am not a religious man, but a dissastor
like this makes me want to believe. Where the Trade Towers
used to be is now just a mountain of rubble. I wish I could
type. I wish I could write this excellent essay that would
express exactly how I and the country felt. A tribute to
those who died. But I cannot. I am lost. God help us all.
Dear God, save us all.

God bless....