Why am I doing this..?
2001-09-11 16:21:53 (UTC) first entry.

I don't see why anyone should bother reading this, but I'll
write anyway.
For all you people who cares about what I write you'llfind
my life to be very boring and much the same from day to day.
But it happens fun stuff sometimes....(yeah right).
But anyway...I'm back to school after some time in
hospital, I'm notgoing to bother you with what happened,
and figures out I have LOADS off stuff to catch up in.
Like a project on Australia, Greekish Gods, loads of maths
(I hate maths..), Norwegian, New-Norwegian(I hate that too
and no one understands why we have to learn it), English,
some other stuff I still don't know what is and French.
But I can't excercise so no PE for me. Yay. And everyone
else is going to run 3 kilometer tomorrow. Sucks to be

So basiclly my days are a hell right now. And my works wants
me back as soon as possible, we have a project week the
next week(Which I hate, because I always end up doing all
the work while the others don't give a damn) and I'm bored
out of my mind.
I don't feel like reading, playing games or anything like I
usually do, so a guy in my class suggested I took up
drawing and I thought, what the heck. It's not like i've
got anything better to do. And i can't sit with homework
for 3 hours stright. That's just not me.

And since i don't have the slightest talent for drawing it
might prove both interesting and frustrating. (More of the
latter I think)

So...Uhh...I've completly lost my point here..This sounds
like one of my story ramblings. (No you don't wanna know,
trust me!)

Ahh....C ya next time I bother updating ^_-