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2003-01-16 05:18:08 (UTC)

pish posh

well. I got in big trouble today....becuase my dad found
out that I didnt go to english...woops. he got pretty mad
at me. but we talked it out, and Its going to be okay I
think. He's not going to ground me or anything, and he's
not going to have one of those "parent discussions" with my
mom...which basically consist of what method of torture to
use on me. heh.
Auditions were good. Everyone did an amazing job, and there
were people there that totally surprised me. Like Eric
Rippin! wowzers, he did a great job! and Kelly Lockwood-
Larson was realllllly good. she almost made me cry when she
sang "on my own" (I guess that is the idea) but yeah.
People were good. and even though I didnt get the part that
I wanted, surprisingly, Im pretty much okay with it. like,
I was bummed for about 5 minutes, but then I got over it.
Natalie got it, and she totally deserves it, she was really
good. I think it will be a good show. Hooray.
okay well, Im going to go take a bubble bath. yummy
nummers. HAHA.