Lil Ems

2001-09-11 16:06:02 (UTC)

let the bodies hit the floor?

so im at skool right now and the twin tower things in new york were bombed this morning, along with the pentagon and possibly camp david. unfortunately, they wont let us out of skool early, but i did get to watch the news from 8 40 till 10 45 instead of doing classwork. i didnt hafta turn in this big creative writing paper either (which was good cuz i didnt finish). anyways did u guys hear that ppl were jumping out of windows of the world trade center? i think i would have, too if i thought i would be burned alive(my safefall isnt that great so it would be wuick and painless). i actually prayed today in class for the first time in like forever (i mean a talking prayer not like an our father). i led the class in a prayer about hoping for an end to the vioplence and beseeching all of the gods of the world for peace. it was nice, it felt good to pray (but i still dont believe in conformed religions written down in stone). im hoping we dont do anything in my other classes today. that would suck.

new news: jason got a job yesterday. he starts today at the olive garden. im gonna miss the loose scheduling times that we had to hang out but he will be making money to pay his car insurance which is a good thing. also maybe i can finally eat at the olive garden (every time i go, its PACKED!). hes gonna be working like 20 hrs a week which is a lot. im gonna miss him but i mean im still gonna see him LOTS and im happy for him : )

also about me and jason, things are going considerably well. no fights since the biggie a couple of weeks ago.

i went to walmart and got cheap tennis shoes. uhm yeah. then ou ou ou jason and i had AWESOME food from kenner seafood. onion mums ROCK!!!!

well the news is saying this is the second pearl harbor. i wouldnt doubt it but i mean all im saying is i hope that they dont bomb back. retaliation gets you know where. peace treaties are everything. save the lives of the innocent.

associable quote:
"but i'd trade it all for just a little peace of mind..."