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2001-09-11 16:04:35 (UTC)

Pentagon etc, BIG NEWS, my views

okay so , first down to serious ( for me at least ) stuff.
Well apparently there have been some massive terrorist
attacks on the world trade skyscraper thingy, and the
pentagon , There are many possible things that this
could mean, varying from missle misfire ( highly unlikely )
and all the way up to world war 3 (god forbid) neither of
which i think is very likely, and at the moment as i dont
know like any details as of yet, so i cant comment on it
too much, so far i hope that everyone i know is perfectly
okay ( i know i'll have a lot of stressed people to deal
with tonight, i try and help out people when i can ) and
that this doesnt lead to a massive disaster, cause i mean
its still a new millenium , even if it does seem ages ago,
and this is not the kinda thing we want to happen, maybe
something , if it has to happen, in 75 to 100 years from
now, preferably when i'm passed on or something ( selfish i
know, but still ). Anyway, so far these are my only
thoughts so far, perhaps i'll keep you updated