Finding my Light
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2003-01-16 04:43:57 (UTC)


There were some good things about going out with
Brandon, but there were some major side effects. It has
almost been a year since I've been with anyone and now I'm
starting to feel the need to be with someone again.
I grew to love Brandon and therefore grew to love his
touch. I miss so-o much being loved by another person of
the opposite sex. I long now to being with a guy, love
them, make love to them, and care for them. All these
needs and wants i have are really having an effect on me.
I know I will not settle for anyone less then what I want,
but it doesn't make the wait any easier.
I've delt with heartache and betreyal before, but this
is something different. My desire is very strong and
powerful. I know though the next guy I'm with I will be
smarter about, but I'm also a little nervous that I might
be so careful that I won't give the full amount of my
affection to him. I don't know who I will be with next,
but I do hope I won't have to wait too much longer.