The sex years of Lil' K.
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2001-02-16 21:20:33 (UTC)

feb 16, 2001 Today I didn t go..

feb 16, 2001

Today I didn't go to school , I don't know why .
I 'm still upset that I lost my baby.
I didn't tell the father yet.
when I try again , I hope the baby stays with me.
for the whole 9 months.
well I should say I pray.
I'm still happy that I tryed.
I'm still going to buy the stuff he/she will need
but, maybe later on when I'm 8 or 9 months pregnant.
I wish I could get pregnant sooner. i really do want this baby.
i was talking to my mom she said that I could try again if i wanted too.
i would be very happy right now , instead of depressed, if i was still pregnant.
anyways- has any other girls had this problem at thier age ? problely not.
that really has me shook-up.
my mom said that it will be okay.
so I guess I 'm going to have to except that.
bye ----- lil' p.k.

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