*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2003-01-16 03:53:51 (UTC)

pills make me slow

***yeah so i'm sitting here with enya blaring in my
headphones. "sailaway"....theme song of my life! i'm
always sailing to another place, learning new things.

and the phone rings: my second oldest brother nic, just
had a baby, his first, with rabia. a girl, named layla
nicole. *smiles insanely* i'm so happy! i'm an
aunt...auntie chi! i need to get out to dallas sometime to
see him and the baby! wow....another life is here! thats
awesome! *sighs* i'm content right now! i feel like
smiling all over the place! *throws arms in the air*
layla nicole...that's a pretty name...girl was big...8lbs.
"a life is a beautiful creation of man."