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2003-01-16 00:22:56 (UTC)

The lifes is going on - better days

Today was a good day. The bad worker of buidings is on second day of disease. It is the sixty day on a raw month.
He almost heals and eat again much. And disease comes backs.
He does not deny any free food people give him. He says
lies. He says he is a poor man and some people gives him
free food. He has a job. He is worker in buildings. And
some people of building give him food. He eats anything even
black fruits. The last became disease worst. He has chest
ache. It usually starts to heal when stop eating. He eats
like a fish.
Well things is better in outside street of my home town.
I could talk to people without they be affraid of malicious
rumours. Good things are coming. It was good to go to that
church. I followed some neighbour. I made company. In that
church people go and pray. There is no obligation. People
go there to cry about their problems and claim for justice.
For their poor lives they are some day heard. Well I got
my problems melting down my eyes. People that really mind
about me are gettng near from me.
Enemies are going away.
Better days for me and my truly friends. Well Mel is in a
other story town. I could be happy about her. But some times
my heart aches. Maybe to touch the light is not the same
to use it to bright the path.