I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-01-16 02:49:06 (UTC)


I had lots to write about before, but I've forgotten it
now. So, instead, I'll just see what comes out, ok?

Yesterday was Erin's birthday. We went to Bennigans and
had massive amounts of food (at 10pm) and it turns out
that 10pm starts Happy Hour. Yay for us! And yay for 2 for
1! So we did that. The nice waitress gave both of us free
birthday desserts.

After dinner, we were so full, but not ready to go home
yet. It was now midnight. What is there to do at midnight
on a Tuesday? Why Super WalMart of course! Erin recently
moved into her apartment and hadn't been grocery shopping,
and she isn't one to do it just by herself. So I went with
her and we had a lovely time. I got home about 3am. I
think she had a very enjoyable birthday.

Birthdays are very important to me. Not just mine, but
everyone's. I think that we all need to be celebrated and
fawned over and loved. To have a special day all to
yourself. And people feel very special that you

In other news, I am going to get out my soapbox. Be
prepared. Here we go...

There is a customer who recently gave her life to Christ.
Good for her. If that is what she wanted, I'm all for it.
But she talks to me about it all the time. Wanting to know
what church I attend, how often, how I feel on theological
issues, etc. And as it turns out, she and I don't see eye
to eye. Because she is a customer, I haven't gone indepth
with her at all. And honestly, I don't want to.

She gave me a book that she got at a garage sale. It's a
fictional story of a man who hits bottom and then finds
his way to God. There is a hologram of a praying child on
the front cover. That should have been my first sign that
I was in way over my head.

She pushed me to read it. To borrow it, highlight
passages, etc. Now, here is my view on religion: I am
perfectly happy with my beliefs right now, thank you very
much. My relationship with my God is just that; mine. I
feel that it's a very personal, private thing. Nobody
else's business. That's it. Over and done with. But I have
a hard time expressing that. Which is something that I
need to work on, this I know. However, I still hate being
preached to. How can someone presume to know what's best
for me if they have never met me? If they don't know me?
If they aren't me?

*stepping off soapbox*

Thanks. I needed that. Oh, I'm giving her the book back. I
can't read anymore. I did give it a try though.

And I'm spent.


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