My problems.
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2003-01-16 02:27:16 (UTC)

Poem About April

There is a problem with me you see
There is this person that I want to be
But I can't be this person without you with me
I never thoght I'd need you so despereatly
Theres not a minute in the day that goes by
That I don't stop and wonder why
I can't get you out of my mind
But also that your an increadable find
You make me so happy and bring me so much joy
Making me realize that I am a lucky lucky boy
I never smile when your not around
And so happy that I was finally found
I could hold you in my arms for all eternty
And I say that with certinty
Never ever want to cause you pain
Because there woul be nothing to gain
You'll never know how much I care about you
Andd theres nothing that I wouldn't do
To bring a smile to your face
or bring you to a wonderful place
You'll never get this
But I only have one wish
I only want to see you again
cause with you my happiness won't end
April May June
I'm in love with you.