Giving in
2001-09-11 13:59:35 (UTC)

first post

wow...look i now have an online journal...i wonder if
any of my friends are going to read this...i doubt
any event here goes.
this morning i got my stupid ass up early again to go
to work. i really don't mind my job at all. in fact i
like my full time job at acts. for those of you who don't
know what i'm talking about. i work in the is department
at a retirement home chain. i fix computers essentially,
which i like. it is just the tag teaming of hours. i'm
here at eight thirty and i leave at five. then i go to my
other job till anywhere from ten to two. i work at staples
and back to school season blows hardcore. i'll only get a
couple hours of sleep tonight if i am lucky. after i got
up i took my friend to school then drove another half hour
to get to my acts. i stopped at home on the way just to
say hi and get my mail and such. my father was happy to
see me and my mother immediatly started to give me shit.
my father really misses me but i am not sure about my
mother. i think the rest of my family misses me too, i
miss them. but i think leaving was best for me. my father
wants me to move back in. i told him when i left the house
this morning that i would come back when i am ready. i'm
not sure when that will be.
this is some fucked up shit, i got to work early like
i always do and i decided to start this online journal. so
i sat here for a while online at work checking my email and
starting this. i just had to go to another facility and
replace someone's nic because their's isn't working. i am
jsut glad it wasn't the network. that would have been a
headache i don't want to deal with. anyway, i get in the
van and start driving and as usual i am listenning to 1210
talk radio, because the van only has an am radio and my
boss rather i drive our department van than my own car and
i don't mind it, it is less gas for me to waste, and
whomever was on the radio said his screen is flashing and
then said that a plane just crashed into the world trade
center. i was like "what the fuck?" and i thought they
were joking or something. i switched the radio to 1060(a
news station) and sure enough it happened. this is
unbelievable. so i listen to it for a while and then go
into the building to fix the person's machine. i fix it
sure enough and tell him what i just heard on the radio.
he didn't believe me at all and turned on the radio to hear
it for himself. we hear on the radio that eighteen minutes
after the first plane a second plane crashes into the other
building. i really can't believe it at this point. we
decide after he checks his machine out to make sure it
works, to go to one of the tv's to see this cause we still
can't believe it. we go and look and there is a picture of
the world trade center with smoke billowing out of the
top. i leave to get back here to finish this. on the ride
home i hear that they think that the planes were hijacked,
possibly a terrorist attack. then they comfirm that one or
both of the planes were hijacked. that really sucks. i
mean why do people feel the need to kill and destroy like
that. i hope this isn't the start of a war or something.
my friend seth id going to basic training for the reserves
in a little and he is going to be a journalist after job
training, but they might not want to wait that long and
ship him out after basic training. oh well i think i
shoudl go back to work and do something i've spent enough
time on this. i'll right again soon...prolly later today.

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