Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-09-11 13:40:38 (UTC)

How time flies

Its been so long since I signed this thing! Just read my
last entry! SO much has happened since then! Well, me and
Brenn split up coz he was leaving. I thought I was alright
about it, and coped well, til I went down to Cbay and had
him in my face everyday! After a brief spell of crying
about him and wanting him back, I moved on. Why dwell on
the past? It hurt that we didn't even talk anymore though,
so a few weekes later I text him, asking him about talking,
and ended up going round his for a chat. That was cool!
SO, I had quite an eventuful summer. Got with Dan for the
second year running. Base 2. Met up with all my friends.
Worked. Partied hard! It was cool. Had a huge row with
my 'rents over exam results. Not that they were bad! A, B &
C at As level. Its just coz I told my friends first. That
was a horrible time. I wanted to kill myself coz I hated my
family and life. Luckily I resisted the urge of jumping off
the nearest cliff (and believe me I had a choice of a few!)
Things got worse though. I had a HUGE bust up with one of
my mates. It started that my best friend felt she was
losing me to her, so I started seeing her less (perhaps a
foolish thing to do in hindsight) She got with a guy I
liked, so I DANCED with her ex. Who she dumped may I add.
Rumours started flying that I had snogged him when I didnt,
I refused to coz I knew it would upset her, and she didnt
talk to me for ages. I finally made it up with her, only
for a few days later somebody to wrongly tell her I was
going out with her ex. She hit the roof. Don't understand
why, altho now she claims it was coz I lied to her. Then
why did she believe stupid rumours?! She should have asked
me! Its so damn frustrating! I made up with her again
though. And now I am going out with her ex. Although she
doesn't know. She said it's an unwritten rule that mates
shouldn't go out with their friends ex's after 2 weeks. I
guess two weeks is kinda quick, but she moved on in two
weeks with no problem, and its not like they were engaged
or any thing, they only went out for a month! And hardly
saw each other during that time! Ahh never mind. I see her
again in October twice and then never again! Obviously I
won't tell her Im goin out with him tho. I dont wana cause
I bust up.
Bye for now,