Living on love
2001-09-11 13:35:54 (UTC)

What about love?

What happened to all the love and all the butterflies? You
decided 3 days ago that this is not what you wanted and
that you were going away never to come back again.... Just
like that? Just like that? And the love and the
butterflies? You wanted me to just let you go, so I did
with an enormeous pain in my heart. I believe from time to
time that I will overcome, but at other times I feel like
dying. How can this be real? It's hard to see you walk out
the door, but then again you're my only true friend I would
like to share my life with, eiter as your woman or just as
a friend. You are my life, so what should I do now? You're
still searching and looking for the things that make you
happy, cause you won't be able to find it only in me. You
have to be happy first and after that I can make you
happier...I can't do it all for you, so that's why I do
believe it's the best thing to do right now, even though it
burns and hurts inside. Guess this is an act of love too,
lett go of the man of your dreams....God it hurts and I'm
parying every night to let me be strong but when I see you,
my little heart breaks into a zillion pieces. I'm gonna be
strong..... I have to, for my kids at work and for my
second passion Salsa... I have to find myself again..
Please help me od and give me the strength, PLEASE???