The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-09-11 13:15:31 (UTC)

Send Angels

I think I'm over my aggrivation from yesterday! Man, it
was sooo disappointing, it's not easy to pour your heart
out for 30 minutes and then it's all gone....bubye!
Ahh..well...such is life sometimes.

It's early---argg....8:00am...Things are well--except for
the whole C thing. She is ju....well, I'm not going to get
onto that right now. I haven't had any morning sickness,
except for little side effects from the prenatal pills.
I've got the ones with Iron and it just does something to
my stomach...It hurt all day yesterday.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I am really
into drama/acting. I used to lead this drama group called
Anastasis (a resurrection from death). We used to go
around and minister to youth groups and churches. God gave
me a drama long time ago called Send Angels by a band
named "Plum" (alternative Christian music)--it puts out a
message that comes from my experiences with near suicide--
in my life, before giving my life completely over to God.

When I do drama's or play act...I feel at home....sounds
silly. I just really enjoy being other people and pulling
emotion out of the deepest part of me to put forth a
thought and a messege to the audience...It's an incredible
thing to me. Even more incredible is afterward when I get
to share my story, and share what God has done in my life--
and let them know that they can have it too...and they come
up to turn they're lives around. Even more so incredible
than that is.....when I hear from them a month or 2 or
longer later and they keep telling me how incredible it that they gave there lives over to God....and that
Send Angels forever changed they're lives!

That is what I feel like I am here for....helping people to
turn they're lives around. Not to CONFORM (to those of you
who think I'm a conversionist now)--but to give God a
chance in they're life--to REALLY read the Bible...give it
a chance in turn giving them a chance....

ok.......I want to share my story--where I'm coming
from...but...I have to I will definately write
it later. Ummmm....little petty request please...if you
are reading this...could you send me a message? I just
kinda wonder if anyone is reading this......Just a
simple....Hi, I'm reading........would be fine. I
appreciate it....Thank you......