Thoughts to Share
2003-01-16 00:48:00 (UTC)

*on my own.....*

Apartment life is turning out to be pretty good. I'm
enjoying it. :-p Kinda would be better if I didn't have to
go to classes, but isn't that always the deal with college?
Classes are...well, they're going.
Junker's A&P is difficult, stressful as usual. My first
exam is a week from Monday. I don't even want to think
about tests starting. I mean really....I'm ok with us just
studying on our own without tests. Don't you think that's
good enough?
I'm upset b/c well...as usual CU is pretty much
unorganized. I should expect nothing less than that. I
was actually looking forward to my shadow day in Salisbury
in February. I actually knew where this was, and even if I
did have to drive 2 1/2 hrs to get there, I could stay at
home & not have to get a room somewhere. I knew that was
too good to be true. Now I'm going to have to drive to
Salisbury, but b/c I have to stay there, then drive to
Winston Salem the next morning b/c my shadow site is now
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Pharmacy.
Sounds frustrating enough. So I should look forward to
around 6-7 hours of driving. Maybe this shadow experience
will be better than the last time. I guess optimism would
be a good thing to have here.

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