Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-01-16 00:31:43 (UTC)

fallow up

this is a fallow up to yesterdays entry. ballz send me
a note and alot of people IMed me saying stuff like "OMG
thats sooo good, ur r so true about tru love, i wish i
could express myself like that". but people, it's not that
hard. people now days are so afraid to show emotion. to
guys it make them a "sissy" i guess if they tell someone i
love them. that is how horrible this world is getting. i
am not afriand to show effection. i will tell lindsey i
love her anywheres. cause i do, and i am not afraid to show
it. u give me a chance to stand infront of this whole crap
hole people call a country, i will stand there and tell
everyone this same thing. i love lindsey. u should note be
afraid to say that to anyone infront of ur "buddies" r w/e.
cause if u say it when ur alone w/ them, but don't when ur
w/ a group..then ur not actually meaning it anytime u say
it. fact is, the reason y the isn't enough love in this
world and so much pain, is cause no body shows love. it's
such a delicate thing. people get picked on for saying i
love u to there moms for crying out loud. i say i love u to
my mom and those i love every second i get the chance.
cause people, they won't always be there for u. remember
that. as much as it sux, the ones u love will die. now i
have to go...mr warren is pissing me off, he thinks he is
my dad

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