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2001-09-11 12:44:33 (UTC)

cave dweller

i realized after starting this that other people would be
reading it and not know who i might be....
i am of the girl variety
i am really not very tubbie at all....i do like to claim to
be a lard ass for humorous reasons though
i am the ripe young age of 19 soon to be 20 which equates
with old
21 is good and 19 is good but 20 that's just old
there is no use to being 20
it shall be my downfall
i am living right now in my room in my parent's house in a
sometimes i choose to refer to this as the tall tall tower
in the swamp
but unlike the fabeled rapunzel i am without hair
i shaved it in early june i believe...and it has started to
grow out but has not reached the end of the poofy funny
which i have been told actually looks cute on me
all the important things in my life that are current occur
in the sans hair period...and everything else when i had
tresses shall be refered to as the not so long ago past
i have a job...which os of little consequence in the world
of jobs bt will eventually give me money....
i am in need of another one
so i shall get more money
so that i may leave this swamp city and return to the
middle of nowhere
middle of nowhere being norman, ok
swamp city being houston, tx
where i went to school for a year and underwent many
tragedies....but righted myself and wish very much so to
which i will hopefully do in the next year for fall 2002
because i will be rich by then?
it should be noted that previous to my return to houston i
was living in norman and it was decided for me that i
should come home and that my funding should be cut
so now i live with these folks...my folks
and they are making me pay for my own schooling
so i shall go back and not save a prince or a burning dog
from a tree....
but be with my friends
my good friends
and this boy that i dig
perhaps i shall live with him when i return
we choose not to discuss such things now because they are
far away
and i do not like to plan ahead so much as to appear
foolish when things fall through
i shall be going to dinky community college land
here...which i can presently afford
which is good
i don't really go out much save to go to work....which
usually keeps me busy from the hours of 5-11 or so in the pm
i read a lot
i write to keep the post office busy
and i talk on the phone usually at night to the boy
mentioned above
i really feel rather contained
i am a very bright and generally cheery person
as you should learn through my foibles
i was a physics major and reccently added art as a major
so two of those....we'll see if that holds
i'm really the very young inside kind of person that really
enjoys playing in the rain
or the snow
or the incliment weather in general(unless it threatens my
i'm not too girlie
lately i've been on a fantasy/sci-fi book kick...i really
hadn't ever read much of it before
i'm a hardcore fiction girl....but usually straightlaced
reality fictional experiences....boring i know
jeremy (the boy mentioned twice above now) and my brother
(16 years old) have been feeding me books
i used to write very decent poetry
some of it published
i care alot about c. buckowski
records (the vinyl kind they smell good)
old book stores
my cat(not very catlike)
i have general ecclectic tastes about everything
but like i said you should learn about me by reading these
i think i'll eventually but in profiles/descriptions for
the people in my life here
for clarity
oh....and i love my typewriter
it's manual
and i hate the yankees(cause i like the redsox)
and i hate profootball
but i watch all the oklahoma games because college football
is the redeemer of the sport...
and everyone i know plays ultimate but me
i'm a lazy bum.
what can i say
i go outside there are mosquitos....
i dislike getting bit
i can't wear shorts....because i have a tatoo that is
unknow to the older folks here....and i shall eventually
tell them but i intend to do it after i leave and never
AND i am now out of cough drops...
i have to go write the good morning email for the "boy"
to read
he does not feel well either
so good tuesday


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