My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-15 23:13:33 (UTC)

Nice little surprise....

Well, it was supposed to be an hour and a half away from
the end of my day, but much to my delight, my last class
got cancelled! YAY!! I always like an early end to the
Just read Mike's post... got one thing to say to you...
welcome to that great thing called school! I would have
loved to see that impersonator though.... you're right, did
put a smile on my face... and I needed one too. Just got
out of a 3 hour lecture on Freud... and although it's fun
to look at his screwed up life, it's not fun listening to a
Frenchie lecture on him... lol! Oh well, that's life I
I really want Subway now that I read about it. Our Subway
here at MRC isn't that bad. It kinda opperates the same
way, it's just that there's so many people working there,
that they know what you have. Trust me, if they weren't
like that in the first place, I would have told them what I
really should have been eating (turkey or veggie sub) than
what was actually there (pizza or roasted chicken sub) LOL
It's always nice to have a working computer isn't it
Mike? :-) I really want to get the new computer soon....
preferably when Jason and Brianne are in Mexico. I want to
use it a bit! I won't break it this time, I promise! ;-)
I'm trying to find the playstation 1 version of DDR and so
far, have found Euromix 1 on Ebay. I'm looking because I'm
getting Jason's playstation and since I'm getting the mats,
I can just use it that way. Although, since I'm also
getting the USB adaptor for it, I can use it on a computer
(when I get a new one). But for now.... :-)
Well, that's about it for now. I love the drink Trek. I
finally found it and wanted to try it myself ever since
Maria came down last and brought some with her. See, you're
starting a trend with me. You're "special"! LOL *ducks for
flying furniture*
Till next time...


*Oh yea, before I forget... I found out today that I got
85% on my final in Psyc 1112! YAY! That's like 24.3 out of
30 or something, but anyway.... I was pleased wiht that!*