no problems:)
2001-09-11 10:16:53 (UTC)

Where should I begin?

In general I don't like sitting in the f***g libraries (I
don't mean those university ones). Why? In general people
amuse me but not in public places. It isn't a sin, is it.
After all I'm not that bad at all. It is just that there
some features I can't stand about libray-people. Usually
they're old, and they think that they know utmost
everything. Is it really so? I certainly do doubt it. To
say it in a mild way: they're not my type.
I adore those university dorks. There's something
refreshing about them. For example one of my friends
(A***) - he is a president of our university quiz-team (a
threefold champion after all) , he never drinks alcohol (on
special occasion maby a little), he likes classical music
more than anything else ('nd listens to classic radio every
evening), he reads only decent novels (murdock, swift,
dreiser) - but usually the ones that are more boring. And
he is single at the momento. Interested in him? Let me
know - perhaps we can arrange a date here. He's IQ is about
160 (in the European scale.
So what a f**k am I sitting in one of those public
librarie? I guess I'm tying to fit in:)