2001-09-11 10:13:54 (UTC)

My Fault (poem)

Your eyes had once shown your love for me;
Now what I see sets me crying.
The warmth of your body was bliss to my touch.
You could always set my soul flying.
I touch you now, and the heat is not there.
Where has your love been sent?
Yes, I said we needed some time,
But My God this is not what I meant.
I remember you used to hold me at night.
I will never feel that again.
Why did I have to say those words?
Take me back to the way it had been.
You came to my door smelling like women;
I was so mad I started yelling.
I didn't know where you had been,
And I knew you wouldn't be telling.
I screamed words, filtered in anger,
And the tears in your eyes didn't stop me.
Without a word, you reached in your pants
And handed me an ounce of Lapri.
I was touched to know you did that for me;
To remember my favorite perfume.
What could I do to take it all back?
How wrong for me to assume!
By then it was too late;
You were already half out the door.
I felt so bad and I began to cry;
I fell right down to the floor.
With tears in my eyes, I began to look up.
You were right in the middle of the street.
That car was coming so damn fast!
So quickly I jumped to my feet.
"But I wasn't fast enough"
Is was I think when I look at your grave.
If I hadn't caused such a big fight,
Your life would have been saved.
I can never forget the love that we shared,
And I promise I won't ever try
I will hold your memory close to my heart,
And for you, I will always cry.

Shelby Alexander

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