~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-09-11 09:34:19 (UTC)


hello, well i had another one of thoses dreams with that
guy in it, i always fell so relaxed when i dream about him
and i never want to wake up. i finaly got to talk to my
sis, i cant belive it she sould the same and everything
after six years but i missed her and i didnt know what to
say. i had so many things i wanted to ask her and tell her
so many things. i dont know im just happythat i got to talk
to her. she is getting up in a hour(her time will be six)
well only a half hour. im on chat and this guy gave me him
number and wants me to call him tomorrow. how can i call
him he live acroos the usa. i dont think i will to hard.
unless i take some money to the pay phone? i dont know what
to do so much shit going through my head right now, mostly
sleep, im so tired im thining about getting off chat no one
one here they all suck. this guy i am well was chatting to
told me he had to leave and he is still on here, what an
asshole. well i am leaveing now to sleep byebye